10 Reasons to Choose Us!

10. CMS( Content Management System).


When you choose to have a website designed by Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design you also get the choice of a Content Management System. A CMS allows you to have control over your site. It allows you to make changes to your site. 


9. Mobile Website Options.


With us you have the option for your website to have a mobile version. That way people will be able to view your website on the go. Mobile websites are easy to use and reliable. With mobile versions of your website we can integrate your blog, news updates, and social websites into the mobile version of the website. 


8. We keep the clients in mind.


When you come to us with a project your wants and ideas are always taken into account. We always take into account the client base that your business is trying to reach. It is important to keep clients happy because happy clients equal loyal clients and that equals a long standing client. Long standing and loyal clients know your work and bring in new customers by showing them examples of your work. 


7. Versatility.


Once the project is done we are able to give you different formats of the final product. So that a logo that we put on your website, can also be put on t-shirts or flyers. 


6. Our Portfolio. 


By looking at our body of work, you can see what we are capable of. We have an extensive portfolio of our work for customers or potential customers to look at. So, whenever you are unsure of our work you can always look at our portfolio. It is almost guaranteed that if you like our previous work that you will like the work we do for you. 


5. We listen to our customers.


If you feel like you are not being heard by your graphic designer then they are not doing a very good job. That is when you need to come and see Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design! We always listen to our clients and we will give you something that fits exactly the vision that you had in your head. Never feel like you can’t come to us with changes. Know that with us you always have a voice and that you will never feel unheard.


4. Promptness.


We finish projects on time or sometimes even before time. Whenever you come to us, trust that your project will be completed by the time you need it or even before you need it. We are able to rush projects and get them done as fast as same day. If you have a deadline for your project, know that as long as you make it perfectly clear of when you need something then we will make sure that we have it finished and done by time or before you need it. 


3. Uniqueness.


With us you are not getting a pre-made template or regurgitated designs. Everything that we design for you is from scratch! We excel in creating new images and designs, giving quality work, and we are also very cost effective. 


2. Professionalism.


When you come into our office always expect to be treated with professionalism. We are very adapt at treating our customers professionally. Your needs will always be met with us. Along with professionalism comes experience. We have over ten years of experience in this business. 


1. We answer the phone!


Know that whenever you call us with questions or inquires we will answer or take a message and get back to you as soon as possible. We always return your phone calls and address your concerns in a timely manner. You matter to us and we will always give you the time and attention your project deserves.



So always expect the best when you choose us!




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