The Legacy of Steve Jobs to Graphic Designers

At the heart of the revolution that changed how graphic designers do their work, was Steve Jobs.  Co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs was a visionary and creative genius and the legacy that his work has left to graphic designers is monstrous. Steve Jobs helped to design, develop, and market one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers to feature a mouse and a graphic user interface (which allows users to interact with the computer with images rather than text commands)- The Macintosh or Mac.


Steve Jobs and Apple revolutionized the way graphic designers work. Before the Mac, graphic design was a very laborious process when compared to how it’s done today. Before graphic designers did everything by hand, now everything (concepts, designs, artwork, etc) is done on a Mac. The mac has given graphic designers the ability to turn design concepts into reality and fast. The Mac allows graphic designers to have the full set of Creative Suite applications open at once, email, safari, and a myriad of other applications and the Mac easily switches between all of these with no hassle. It has made the process of graphic design that much easier.


Thanks in large part to Steve Jobs and his innovative work with Apple, graphic designers are now able to work easily and effectively. 


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