Flash or HTML?

HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation and it stands for HyperText Markup Language. Strictly speaking, HTML is the safest choice because every webserver in the world is designed to interpret HTML code and display web pages, building a site strictly HTML ensures every web surfer will be able to view all of the site.



Flash files are called ‘Flash Movies’.Flash offers animation, dynamic content generation, and user interactivity. Proven to be a leading method for providing streaming video content on the web. It presents stunning and complex visual presentation. On the down side Flash requires users to have Flash Player, which is a browser plug-in, installed on their computer in order to properly display the website. Flash handles text very poorly. There are different versions of Flash Player out there further diminishing the chances that every visitor will be able to view the website. 



Flash has search engine issues-  Typical web search engines cannot index content within Flashmovies. So, if you create a 100 percent Flash based website, you would have to provide some text or HTML if you want your content to be indexed by search engines.



Flash also has print issues. If your site is based around delivering text based information to the viewer, then don’t distract or delay them from getting what they want with unnecessary animations. Printing and selecting text in Flashmovies is often not as simple (or familiar) to users as that on HTML sites.



If you want your site to be search engine indexed and to be able to be viewed by most web surfers, HTML is the way to go. So to put it simply, HTML is the most used website format. 

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