Components of Good Graphic Design

There are three main components to good graphic design.


The artwork clearly conveys ideas and information

  • Whether it is a website, brochure, flyer, or t-shirt design the message should be clear and to the point. Cluttering the design will only lead to confusion and the consumer missing the point of the design.

The artwork emphasizes the message

  • The graphic design work should be able to emphasize the message in a way that appeals to the demographic that the business is trying to market to. Emphasize and overcrowding are not one in the same. The design should be able to capture the consumers attention without being Showbox iphone too overwhelming.

The final product makes the customer happy

  • The customer is always right. A huge part of the design being successful or considered good has to do with approval of the client. Of course the art should be what the customer is happy with providing to their consumers. If the client is unhappy, then all of the talent in the world will do nothing to make your design good. That’s why if the client isn’t happy with the first version of a design, Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design is always very willing to make revisions until the client is happy and approves.

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