How to choose a graphic designer?

Many people have trouble choosing a graphic designer, simply because they aren’t sure what to look for.When looking for a graphic designer keep in mind that this company will be designing the look of how your business markets itself. The design of your business cards, website, prints, will be in the hands of this company and so it is important to make a good decision.


Graphic design is an art and craft with foundational principles that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of printed communication. The characteristics of a good graphic designer are very distinct.


The first is a good portfolio. A designers portfolio should be memorable, but also appropriate to each project. When checking out a graphic designers portfolio pay close attention to samples that fall into the same category of what you are seeking. For instance, if you’re looking for a small business logo then spend a bit more time looking at the logos they have designed in the past. This way you get a good sense of what they can do for you and if you like their style.


Next is a strong sense of marketing and excellent business skills. When it comes to marketing, the designer should be able to clearly articulate the goal of each piece to the audience. Good graphic designers have a grasp on what sells and good graphic designer stays on top of all the details of your project and makes the best use of your time and money.


Also, communication is key. A good graphic designer knows how to communicate clearly and constructively with you as a client; this means they know how to listen to what you want, ask clarifying questions to ensure they understand, and then offer suggestions based on their design experience.


Finally, a personable and professional demeanor. You want to make sure that the designer that you are working with is able to put themselves into your shoes as the client and that they uphold a very respectable business.


Now that you know all of this, you might ask- Just where am I supposed to find a company like that? Does it even exist?


My answer? Absolutely! Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design is just the firm to give you all of these qualities and more!






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