3 Reasons to go mobile with your website

1. It’s Mobile!
Cell phones were invented because people wanted to be able to communicate with others when they didn’t have a regular phone around. They wanted the convenience of being able to communicate on the go. People are always on the move. Today, people still want to communicate with others when away, but people communicate and receive information differently these days. Having information and a means to connect with others on the go is a must, so it makes sense to have your business easily accessible to others on the mobile web.


2. Stay ahead of the curve
According to researchers, there are about 5 billion cell phone users and many of these users are using their cell phones and mobile devices to browse the net. Think of mobile web like a stock, now would be the time to buy. Researchers also say that mobile website usage will probably surpass desktop users within the next 5 years.


3. Give your customers the right customer experience
If your customers are trying to access your website on their cell phone devices and if they have no option of a mobisite – there’s not only the customer experience and browsing issues but there’s also a problem with the size of the page and how much time and data needs to be downloaded onto the phone prior to users getting thru to the info. 


These are just three reason, but there are many more. We can help you go mobile. Contact a Starvin’ Artist Graphic Design professional today, and we’ll help you go mobile!

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